Stream and huts in bushy spot

Nature boy . . . Abbotsford School pupil Charlie Allen (8) revels in the school's natural environment. PHOTO: JOHN LEWIS

In a series, The Star is asking Dunedin primary pupils about their favourite spot at school. Reporter John Lewis talks to Abbotsford School pupil Charlie Allen (8) about his preferred patch.

Charlie is an environmental enthusiast, so it should come as no surprise at all to anyone that his favourite place is the school’s woodland area.

“It’s down by the big playing field and it’s nice and bushy.

“There’s big and tall trees and there’s lots of wee little bushes that you can hide behind. Playing hide and seek and tag is fun there.

“It has lots of branches and leaves that fall off the trees good for making huts.”

Charlie might have a future career in construction because rather than build one hut and keep it maintained, he lets his friends demolish them each day so he can build a new one each better than the last.

“One time we had a hut war.

“I was sitting in my hut and then all of a sudden, one of my walls was gone and I was like,

“They tried to take sticks from my hut, so I took them back.”

The area is also alive with the sound of native birds and it has a shallow creek running through it.

He and his friends like to pretend to fish from it with sticks.

Charlie loves the area so such, he is helping grow native plants in the school’s glasshouse, which will eventually be transferred to the woodland area, and he wants to improve the stream so he can catch real fish.

“And then we can cook it in the staffroom.”