‘Please don’t swamp us’

The proliferation of freedom camping spots at roadside lay-bys and reserves at Brighton and Taieri Mouth is straining the tolerance of the local community. Saddle...

Taieri Times

Classical music for all

The players of Dunedin Symphony Orchestra (DSO) will showcase their chamber music skills during their second player-led concert for the year. The players will perform...



Barcelona contest like Olympics of auto-glazing

Smith & Smith Dunedin auto-glazing technician Hamish Bedwell, of Maori Hill, answers five questions from reporter Shawn McAvinue about representing New Zealand. Q: Can you...

Squash club of the year

Pirates Squash Club members (from left) Amy Coleman, new member liaison Stacey Hitchcox, secretary Matt Morton, president Gareth van Coller, vice-president Phil Watts and...

Bronz Otago’s 36th Toy Run

About 150 motorcyclists took part in Bronz Otago's 36th toy run on Sunday. Motoring reporter Shawn McAvinue photographed some of the pack outside Carey's...

It’s like stand-up paddleboarding – on land

Ever heard of land paddling? Neither had I! The best way to describe it that's it's like stand-up paddleboarding Sounded like an adventure too good to miss...
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