Pupils set to paint pedestrian tunnel mural

Ready and raring . . . Dunedin artist Jonathan Waters and a group of children from the Greater Green Island area, including Kaden Hopping (left) and Krystal Kerr, display designs for sections of a mural they are set to paint on both sides of the Runciman St tunnel. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

A group of pupils have finished the design phase and are preparing to paint a large mural inside a pedestrian tunnel linking Abbotsford and Green Island.

Dunedin artist Jonathan Waters said 21 pupils from the Greater Green Island area had been selected to paint a large mural on the interior of the 30m-long Runciman St tunnel.

Each pupil had been given a letter from the name of the two suburbs the tunnel links.

The pupils had been attending weekly workshops, led by him, to create designs to paint using their designated letter, Waters said.

The final workshop was on Wednesday.

Kaden Hopping (12), of Lookout Point, said he created a design for one of the b’s in the word Abbotsford.

Sharks circle his design of a green island complete with palm tree and treasure chest.

He was looking forward to getting to paint his vision in the tunnel.

“It will be nice to do it for the community.”

Krystal Kerr (11), of Green Island, was given one of the e’s in the word Green Island.

She drew various colourful faces expressing a range of emotions and included the message “be kind” in her design.

Waters said other designs of the group included the Saddle Hill taniwha and wildlife living in the area, such as trout in the Taieri River.

“It’s an opportunity for the kids to express themselves and make their mark in the community and help foster a feeling of connectedness and pride of place.”

The three days of mural painting were scheduled to begins on Wednesday next week, he said.

The Greater Green Island Community Network launched the project to beautify the tunnel and had been supported by a range of businesses and community groups.