Fencing – More than 80 cross swords


More than 80 fencers competed in the New Zealand Open and Veteran Fencing Championships in Dunedin at the weekend.
Eighty-three fencers competed in three different events — the epee, the sabre and the foil.
These three are different weapons used in the sport of fencing.
Competition organiser Fiona McDonald said there were 32 fencers in the men’s foil, which was won by Hamish Chan.
‘‘It was the largest event of the competition.’’
Fencer Adam Burrough, of Christchurch, competed in all three events, but his favourite was the foil.
Burrough, who started fencing eight years ago, said it was the first time he had competed at the nationals in Dunedin.
‘‘A lot of us have put an awful lot of effort into this.’’
    The championships were held on October 22-24 at the Edgar Centre.