Rainy October followed by sun

Heat is on . . . University of Otago students (from left) Beth Elliott (19), of Christchurch, Zinah Awbi (19), of Auckland, Jess Hoggan (20), of Christchurch, Zung Mai (19), of Wellington, and Olivia Selwood (19) and Phoebe Wynands (20), both of Christchurch, sunbathe at the Otago Museum Reserve in North Dunedin on Saturday. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Blue skies graced Dunedin for the start of this month, a stark change from a wet October.

Niwa forecaster Nava Fedaeff, of Auckland, said temperatures hit 29.4degC in Musselburgh on Saturday, making it, along with one other day, the fourth-highest November temperature since records began in the suburb in 1947.

The next day was “slightly cooler” at 27.6degC.

The hot temperatures followed a wet October.

In Musselburgh, 121mm of rain fell in October, nearly twice the October average of 62mm.

On average, Dunedin has about 10 rain days – where there is more than 1mm of rainfall – in October.

While Dunedin had 19 rain days last month, no records were set.

“It is not in the top four wettest Octobers on record . You’ve had wetter,” Ms Fedaeff said.