Potential timetable change for Harington Pt buses


A potential change to a bus timetable may allow school pupils living in Harington Point to get home sooner.

Julian Phillips and Bon Kellas, from the Otago Regional Council transport team, spoke at last week’s Otago Peninsula Community Board meeting to update members on transport matters in the area.

Issues, including extending a service to Harington Point, were raised at the June meeting.

Team leader Mr Phillips told The Star after the August meeting, at present, the 2.38pm bus terminates at Harington Point, the 3.08pm bus travels via Musselburgh and terminates at Portobello, and the 3.38pm bus terminates at Harington Point.

“We’ve been listening to feedback from the community, and are considering a change to have the 3.08pm service continue to Harington Point so that school children can get home sooner.”

That may mean the 2.38 bus would instead terminate at Portobello, he said.

“We are currently seeking feedback from the Harington Point community to ensure we make the most ideal adjustment.”

During discussions, board chairman Paul Pope said a change would be “fantastic”.

“It means those kids get home by around 4.30pm, rather than 5pm.”

Mr Phillips said the change could be made within 48 hours, but it would take longer to update the timetable.

Earlier in the meeting, Ms Kellas updated board members on bus stops on the peninsula.

The council received inquiries as to why buses were not stopping where they used to, so staff made site visits to identify ones which were an issue, she said.

The sites were logged on a map, which will be go back to the community board once finalised to mark any “key” locations which may have been missed.

Mr Phillips said there were lots of informal stops and the council would not be able to make each official.

It would depend on the demand, he said.