Low-key plans for cop’s eighth birthday

Leaping for joy . . . Constable Olivia Grace, of Waikouaiti, is set to celebrate her eighth birthday on Saturday. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

A Dunedin police officer is postponing her princess-themed party.

Constable Olivia Grace, of Waikouaiti, said her friends floated the idea of holding a princess-themed party to celebrate her eighth birthday on Saturday, February 29, a date that only occurs during a leap year.

Const Grace said she was planning something more “low-key” because she was travelling to the Royal New Zealand Police College in Porirua to study on Sunday.

She might have a big princess-themed party to celebrate hitting double figures in 2028.

“It’ll have a bouncy castle.”

Some people reacted differently when she told them her leap year age, she said.

“Some say for your age’ and others say

In reality, she will be 32 on Saturday.

An extra day is added to the month of February every four years, increasing the month to 29 days.

The Earth takes 365 days and about six hours to orbit the sun but a calendar is only 365 days long. The extra day makes up for the shortfall.