‘Bogan’ revelling in old school car

Back in black .. Darren Knox, of Dunedin, and his 1988 Ford Falcon XF ute. PHOTOS: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Darren Knox, of Dunedin, talks to motoring reporter Shawn McAvinue about his 1988 Ford Falcon XF ute.

Q: When did you buy it?

About nine months ago, from a guy in Alexandra. It’s the first time it had been owned by someone outside of Alexandra since 1988. I’ve had a quite a few of them and I wanted a five-speed manual one.

Q: What do you like about the XF?

I love the big, square long shape and the wheels sets it off real nice. It’s a cool old car.

Q: What’s the engine?

A dirty ol’ factory 4.1-litre with a set of headers on it to let it breathe. It does the business. If you want to smoke the wheels on it you can. It performs real nice on the open road and does everything it’s suppose to do for a 32-year-old car – it handles nice, brakes nice and it’s reliable. My cars are driven, not hidden and occasionally, you’ve got to drive it like you stole it.

Q: Is black the original colour?

No, it was originally red.

Q: Have you done anything to it?

No, that’s how I bought it – all I’ve done is put the number plate on it. My mates want me to put a V8 in it but I say no – if you were going to repower it, you’d put in a late model Ford Barra turbo engine in it. It’s lighter and will put out more horsepower than any old iron horse 302 or 351 and why weight it down?

Q: That’s a unique number plate?

Yeah, it sticks out. Personalised plates either love them or loath them years ago. I’m a bogan – I love it.

Q: What is your interpretation of being a bogan?

For starters, you don’t need a mullet to be a bogan but I grew up spinning around in these type of cars – it’s my generation that’s responsible for not many of them being around anymore because we raced, rallied and rolled them every weekend. Now they’re scarce because they were disposable – you could pick one up the next weekend for $500. Being a bogan is about having a passion for old school cars. We grew up with them as teenagers, with a crate on the back, listening to AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Motorhead.

Q: What bogan song best suits your ute?

Back in Black by AC/DC.

Q: Are Fords your favourite car?

For me the pecking order is Ford, Chrysler, Chevs and dare I say it, Holdens.

Q: What is your aerial?

The tip of a fishing rod – how bogan is that?