Spiritual tones to duo’s music

Meditation and music . . . Touring father and son duo Pragunya and Nelson Myers-Daly will perform in Dunedin next week. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The influence of many cultures and traditions have shaped the music of Christchurch-based duo Monk Party.

The father and son duo of Pragunya and Nelson Myers-Daly are on tour through southern centres and will bring their “Mystical World Music with Monk Party” show to Dunedin next week.

The concert will be held on Wednesday, February 26, from 7.30pm at AYU Wellness Centre, 7 Crawford St.

The music of Monk Party has similarities to African, Indian, Middle Eastern music and jazz, and is founded on the music of their spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy, who has written many short mantric songs in Bengali and Sanskrit.

Pragunya and Nelson Myers-Daly use their life of meditation in harmony with these meditative songs as their foundation, creating a fount of inspiration and performance.

healing and uplifts the soul, invoking a sublime feeling of peace throughout the entire being,” Nelson Myers-Daly said.

“The purpose of these meditative mantric-like compositions is to encourage our spiritual awakening, stimulate our deepest aspirations and nourish our inner existence.”

Their music has structure but also has the element of improvisation.

Monk Party has performed throughout New Zealand, as well as internationally in Mongolia, the United States, and Australia.