Thrilled to get an update on the Mosgiel pool



Hard to believe it’s July already!

As we have all experienced, these have been trying times for many in a variety of ways.

From a board perspective so much of what we have been steam rolling has had to take a back seat to this global pandemic.

We were able to hold our first meeting last week connect face-to-face to set the wheels back in motion.

We were thrilled to get an update on the Mosgiel pool development new pool was announced on May 1.

Tenders for the pool development were listed on the Government tender website on the same day and the deadline for submissions was May 28.

One of the positives in lockdown was seeing such a large number of people walking, running and cycling.

This is heartening with momentum gaining in the Dunedin Tunnels Trails Trust with the cycleway through the old Wingatui tunnel.

The long-term proposal is for this to be part of a link from Waihola to Dunedin.

As a board member it’s been great to support members of our local community with the Gladfield Rd walk bridge.

The possible removal of this bridge has hit a nerve in the community.

Public support to keep this asset has been unbelievable.

Walking, cycling and all types of community groups have shown their support to make sure this asset stays.

It is great to see council taking notice of the community; staff and community are working together for a possible resolution.

Communication and consultation are the key ingredients to achieve the right outcome the case with the proposed landfill at Smooth Hill (south of Brighton ), which falls into our board area.

Our aim is to be transparent and informative so our community has the facts and the opportunity to have a voice in this outcome.

With this in mind, if there are issues within our community feel free to bring them to the attention of the board, as we are your voice.