‘A few more families needed in Middlemarch’

Strath Taieri Community Board member Jock Frew.


The pandemic is still here but with caution we can survive and it just shows when put in a tight spot we can do it.

I come from Middlemarch and at the moment a few things are happening here.

First is the postponement of the train. I say postponement, with due diligence it will be back because this is one of the best train trips in the world.

So all I say is do not be too hasty to close the line and the trains, look for alternatives or it could end up like the tram cars.

Project Steam is a group of passionate people fixing trains and carriages in Middlemarch to run on the line – not this year, but soon.

Then there is a Heritage Park for the Strath Taieri Valley, which combines a number of projects.

Middlemarch is a good wee community but a few more families could give it a bit more life to help the school, shops cafes, garages and workshops.

I’m struggling to make my word count so I’ll end with a wee ditty.

Let’s make Dunedin beautiful

Let’s make Dunedin right

Let make people want to come here

Let’s get Dunedin growing

Let’s do this together.