Shared pathway work will require patience

West Harbour Community Board chairwoman Francisca Griffin


It’s a brand new year for the West Harbour Community Board, and we are looking forward to working with our local community.

Some news relating to my last column: the shared path is now under way – and we are all going to be patient as it is brought to life.

Traffic mitigating measures are in place in St Leonards to get motorists accustomed to people turning into the parking lot by the St Leonards Yacht Club.

It’s also serving to slow us down, which is great for cyclists and pedestrians crossing the busy state highway to get to and from the shared path.

Well-appreciated measures by the NZ Travel Agency, because it is only going to get busier.

We are also going slower at the Port Chalmers end, and at Roseneath, adding some extra time to our town trips.

The joint Port Otago-Maersk operations on the Rio-class ships’ silencers has been a resounding success – the ships are now fairly quiet, a very welcome outcome for all concerned.

Thank you Port Otago and Maersk, you listened and responded – community at its best, I think.

We, emergency services, local Lions and a few others are working on a local emergency response plan, to complement the brochure that will be in mailboxes soon.

Our plan will be published some time in the next two months. At present we are looking for people with skills who are willing to be on our list, and available if needed in a local emergency.

Please, if you are willing and able, contact us on Facebook search West Harbour Community Board me on, or contact our local emergency services.

As I wrote last month, we are always happy to see you at a meeting if you have any concerns you want to bring to us.

The first part of our meeting is a public forum and one-two people can present, after which the board may ask questions to clarify.

Contact our governance support officer, Jennifer Lapham, by email at to book in or make inquiries.

f you are interested in how our meetings work, please come along to observe – we welcome all interested people.

And remember, we have a regularly monitored Facebook page, so you can also make inquiries there, or pass on suggestions.