New and existing projects bearing fruit


It’s been a busy few months for the board and the community over recent months with new and existing projects coming to fruition.

The Te Rauone Beach Care Group has been successful in raising its money for the beach restoration project.

This is a significant milestone for the group as it works with Port Otago to halt the erosion of the local beach.

The Macandrew Bay Boating Club has successfully bought a new rescue boat and after many years of waiting will see a new pontoon installed by the city council in the next month.

Both projects have required massive fundraising, project management and sheer hard work to see them get over the line, and there are many others being worked on as this goes to print.

The dedication of community groups to their neighbourhoods, sports and services is a testament to the spirit and determination of many people in the Otago Peninsula community.

Public art has been a controversial topic around the world in recent months as people reassess the figures and memorials in their public spaces.

The board has been working with the Dunedin City Council on two new art projects at Te Rauone and Tomahawk Beaches.

The Te Rauone project is part of the planned $900,000 upgrade of the playground reserve, while the Tomahawk project is for the $80,000 car park renewal at the main beach access.

Both projects seek artists to provide works that acknowledge their respective landscapes and the values of Te Runaka Otakou.

I’m particularly excited about both of these projects because Otago Peninsula lacks permanent public art in our open spaces.

The Otago Regional Council 2020 annual plan has been finalised and I’m pleased to see that after nearly six years of trying, a cost analysis of a management plan is to be looked at for the long-term plan.

Given that this is the largest freshwater body on Otago Peninsula with some of the worst quality, it’s a significant step forward.

to work hard to engage with this community to make a meaningful difference to this resource.

Finally, the board is having its first forum meeting in early August with tourist operators and other businesses.

This is an exciting opportunity to work together on some of the issues and opportunities facing Otago Peninsula.