Long-serving Port Chalmers identity fondly remembered



Out here in the West Harbour life has settled into a new normal of sorts.

I’m hopeful we are all remembering that we are in this together, and I don’t just mean the pandemic, I mean life.

First up, apologies, we’re still working on our community plan — it will be up on the web page soon!

Look out for a mention of it on the Facebook page.

And thank you to Jan Tucker and Jacque Ruston, who assisted with this month’s column.

The shared path is really starting to shape up, with works now begun at Roseneath on the massive retaining wall.

Board member Duncan Eddy presented a proposal at the June 24 meeting to install stainless steel cigarette butt bins around Port Chalmers in an effort to reduce the hundreds, if not thousands, of these that end up in our harbour.

The board was more than happy to fund the purchase of the bins, and Duncan has a small team of volunteers who have agreed to keep them emptied.

In mid-June, Kath Munro, a long-time Port Chalmers identity passed away.

She is well-remembered for her involvement in local politics.

Kath was born in Port Chalmers on May 23, 1923. She had a hard early life, leaving school at 15 to work.

But she always looked forward to the future for herself and the community.

It was in the area of local politics where she really made her mark. She was a member of the Port Chalmers Borough Council for several years before acting as deputy mayor to Sir John Thorn.

Both had strong personalities which led, Jan is told, to some interesting Council meetings.

Kath was also appointed to the Dunedin Hospital Board as a local government representative.

After the amalgamation with the DCC in 1989 she was elected to the Port Chalmers Community Board (now the West Harbour Community Board) and was chairwoman until her retirement in 1999.

Kath was active in many local groups, especially the Women’s Institute.

Kath will always be remembered when people reminisce about earlier days and life in Port Chalmers.

In local news, here’s a great way to support local. The Port Chalmers Community Market was formed in 2015 and is on the third Sunday of every month from 10am until 1.30pm.

Stalls by local producers and makers include locally grown organic fruit, veges and nuts, art, baked goodies, woodcraft, ceramics, honey, hemp, juice, crafts, plants and collectables.

Stall hire is operated on a koha basis.

We are always happy to see you at a board meeting if you have any concerns you want to bring to us.

The first part of our meeting is a public forum. You and perhaps one other person would speak to your issue, after which the board may ask questions to clarify.

Please contact our governance support officer, Jennifer Lapham (Jenny.Lapham@dcc.govt.nz), to book in or make inquiries.