Little steps are always the beginning



It was another world when I wrote the last board column, and here we go into a new normal, whatever that may be for each of us.

The challenges we now face, individually and collectively, can seem impossible when we look at the big picture.

My hope is that together we can move into a better future for all, and little steps are always the beginning.

The West Harbour Community Board is an avenue of advocacy for you if you live within our boundaries, and you can contact us on our phone numbers or email addresses you will find inside the back page of the Rothesay News, or on the council section of the DCC website.

You can also find us on Facebook Community Board Dunedin.

Construction of the shared path resumed with our entry into Level 3, and you may have read in The Starrecently that patronage of the path has increased dramatically.

A fantastic outcome for our health and wellbeing for sure!

Not to mention the reduced carbon in our atmosphere little bits all help.

We applaud the introduction of the flat rate bus fares anywhere is marvellous. This is also a win for parking congestion in the central city.

We are currently updating on our community plan, and that will be available to read and download from the WHCB page a week or so after our next meeting.

We are always happy to see you at a meeting if you have any concerns you want to bring to us.

The first part of our meeting is a public forum; you and one other person would speak to your issue, after which the board may ask questions to clarify.

Please contact our governance support officer, Jennifer Lapham, at to book in or make inquiries.

If you have a project that you think we may fund project funding and scholarships are now on the WHCB page on the DCC website.

f you are interested in how our meetings work, please come along to observe interested people.

They are on a Wednesday at 5.30pm, usually in the Rolfe Room at the Port Chalmers Library. The next one is June 24.