Carcass dumping and landfill need attention



Gee whizz, so we are well through the year now, aren’t we?

Some great frosts are leading to some beautiful days.

Something that grabbed the media attention and created some significant community feedback recently was the significant dumping of animal carcasses down Big Stone Rd. Thanks to the number of people who came forward with a variety of feedback including photos of two vehicles that were in and around the area on the day the animals were dumped.

My message remains the same: we can do better, team.

Just think before you go for a hunt and plan where you will dispose of the remains with more thought and planning.

Last week, Saddle Hill Community Board members met council staff and did a drive around to chat about a few things, projects and areas that we have struggled to get traction with over the past year.

This went really great. Just seeing at the same time what we are talking about means everyone is on the same page, which was really appreciated.

Another project the board is planning to work closely with council on is the community consultation and information-sharing around the proposed landfill at Smooth Hill (south of Brighton).

To date the board has regularly communicated with council that the consultation and then the resource consent process needs to be fair, transparent, open and honest.

This is not only a significant financial spend for the council but also of significant community interest.

The original reclassification of the land was 30 years ago now; it may have been a suitable site then but is it still?

As always, the board loves to hear what the community wants and areas of priority on what the community guide us to, as well as what we genuinely feel is in the best interests of the communities we support.

Thanks for reading, team, stay warm.