Maths class measures up

Maths class rules . . . Elmgrove School pupil Leah Boyce measures a doorway at her Mosgiel school. PHOTO: MOLLY HOUSEMAN

In a series, The Star is asking Dunedin primary pupils about their favourite spot at school. Reporter Molly Houseman talks to Elmgrove School pupil Leah Boyce (10) about her preferred patch.

Leah Boyce sees the classroom as a room full of opportunities.

Opportunities to put a 1m wooden ruler to good use, that is.

Her favourite place to be at Elmgrove School, in Mosgiel, is in her maths class every Tuesday and Thursday, where Leah and her classmates participate in a measuring activity.

The group would be told a specific length by their teachers, Jenny Ryalls and Rach Ward, and would then guess which objects in the room they thought matched that length, Leah said.

She would then measure those items with her ruler to see if she was right.

“We have to guess first and it is really exciting when you are right,” she said.

She had measured everything from tables and chairs to boxes and toys classroom were off limits, Leah said.

While she liked doing “number stuff” she was not sure about a future as a mathematician, and was happy sticking to estimating and measuring for now.