Busy food fairies serving Strath Taieri community

Serving kindness ... Strath Taieri Food Fairies co-organisers Anna Wilson (left) and Emily Jones display some of the frozen macaroni cheese meals they serve to the community from their hometown of Middlemarch.

Meals made “out of the kindness of the heart” of the community are being served to those in need across the Strath Taieri.

Strath Taieri Food Fairies co-organisers Anna Wilson and Emily Jones have been leading the making of the meals since March.

Mrs Jones said frozen meals that could be reheated were being made to give to people in the Strath Taieri community.

The recipients included the elderly, those living on their own, people who were ill, those who had been bereaved, people busy new mums.

“As mums, we know any meal you don’t have to cook is a good meal.”

The service was started with new mums and bereaved families in mind but it had evolved and was serving more people than first expected as word of the service spread.

Anybody could nominate someone for a meal anonymously, she said.

Every three months, the group held a “cook-a-thon” at the Strath Taieri Community Centre.

Everyone was invited to give food to, or help out, at the cook-a-thons.

People in the community helped “out of the kindness of their hearts”.

The Strath Taieri Rural Women group paid for the hire of the kitchen in the centre.

Mrs Wilson said the meals prepared in the cook-a-thons included soup, cheese rolls, lasagne, macaroni cheese, meatloaf, pasta dishes and sausage bakes.

“It depends on the time of the year .. . you don’t get a choice, you get what you’re given.”

Constable Allan Lynch, of Middlemarch, helped the group identify people in need of the meals, she said.

“We don’t need to know where the the parcels are going.”

The Strath Taieri Rugby Club gave the group $1000 to help buy a large freezer to store the food in.

“It’s chocka.”