Berries run late

Healthy harvest . . . Showing a blueberry harvest from Blue Willow Blueberries in Fairfield on Saturday (from left) Esme Hammer (5), Lizzie Lethaby and Madison Hammer (12), all of Green Island. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Better late than never.

Blue Willow Blueberries co-owner Eric Johnson said the season on his blueberry farm in Fairfield started late.

The farm was opened to people to pick their own fruit about a fortnight ago.

“The blueberries were very late this year, I thought they were never going to ripen but then the sun came out.”

People had flocked to pick the berries.

“It’s getting more and more popular every year.”

Lizzie Lethaby, of Green Island, was among the people picking blueberries on Saturday.

It was an annual tradition to come and pick the fruit.

“They’re always good, we put them in smoothies and they’re always delicious.”