Mosgiel disc golf course proposed

Discussion . . . Disc golf players (front) Sue Brown, (back from left) Wayne Brown, Mark Tebbutt, Justine Dalton and Mike Dalton were at the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board meeting to talk about a possible disc golf course in Mosgiel. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

A group of disc golf players are keen to establish a course in Mosgiel.

Mike Dalton, of Mosgiel, spoke at the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board meeting on March 18 to ask for the board’s support to set up a nine-hole course in Memorial Garden.

Disc golf, or frisbee golf, is a sport which involves throwing a disc into a basket.

Four other players Brown, Wayne Brown, Justine Dalton and Mark Tebbutt were also at the meeting.

Mr Dalton estimated the course would cost about $27,000 but was not seeking any money from the board or Dunedin City Council.

“If we are given permission for this we will do it all ourselves.

“We don’t expect any [money] from the board, we don’t expect any [money] from the council.”

Dalton said although the garden was “fantastic” it was an under-utilised spot.

There was only one course in Dunedin hosting the national championships.

Data collected between February 1 and March 3 showed that 392 people played disc golf at the park in that time.

“Now we need to get these people playing out in Mosgiel.”

Dalton said he discovered the sport “almost by accident”.

“All of sudden we found ourselves involved with a bunch of people that ranged from 5 years old through to .. 82,” he said.

Since taking up the sport, he and his friends noticed their children were spending less time on their phones and more time outside.

“We’re all out most nights playing disc golf, setting up our courses here and there with our little baskets.

“And it’s fantastic.”

In response to a question from board member Brian Miller, Mr Dalton said the sport could be played on any surface and was not site-specific.

Board chairwoman Joy Davis suggested the group make a submission to the council’s annual plan.