Heavy medal haul for gymnastics club

Split it . . . College Street Gymnastics Club aerobics athlete Naima Woodrow has been in the sport for 10 years. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

Earlier this month, College Street Gymnastics Club hosted an event which doubled as the Otago aerobics qualifier and international trial. All eight club athletes who were eligible to go to the nationals championships qualified and walked away with a medal. The Star reporter Jessica Wilson talked to club member Naima Woodrow.

Aerobics athlete Naima Woodrow has worked hard to achieve success.

The 13-year-old was 3 years old when she started the sport in Alexandra.

She initially started in gymnastics teacher was a gymnastics and aerobics coach people doing aerobics.

She looked up to fellow aerobics athlete Taylor McCaughan, seven years her senior, and wanted to be like her.

Although the sport did not come naturally to her, she is now a national titleholder.

Aerobics required a good level of fitness and lots of strength and flexibility.

Routines were one and a-half minutes long and involved skills like jacks, kicks, push-ups, different holds and variations of the splits.

Naima, an Otago Girl’s High School pupil, said her favourite move was a combination went from a crouch into a push-up, pushed her hands and feet off the ground and landed back in a push-up position.

Her club, College Street Gymnastics Club, hosted the Otago aerobics qualifier and international trial earlier this month.

It was the first time there had been an international event in Dunedin.

All of the eight eligible club members who competed attained qualifying scores for the national championships in Auckland.

Naima won the open three pairs grade with clubmate Annabel Ludgate, and was second in the open three individual.

Overall, the club secured five wins, four second-places, and one third.

Head coach Anna McCaughan said she was pleased with the results.