Busy day on the fairways

Big shot . . . Neville Idour hits at the St Clair Golf Club yesterday. Photo: PETER MCINTOSH

Golfers flocked to courses yesterday as the fairways and holes were given a solid work-out.

Under Covid-19 Alert Level 3, golf was allowed, although there were stringent rules around it and social distancing had to be maintained.

But the restrictions did not deter many. All were keen to get a club in their hands.

Most clubs around the south recorded good numbers. St Clair Golf Club professional Patrick Moore said all tee times were booked yesterday, and a player teed off every six minutes.

Most played on their own, although there were a few couples playing. There were no flags on greens in play, and the holes were expanded slightly, with a cup to protect balls going into the hole.

Other courses around Dunedin also reported busy times.

Cromwell Golf Club manager Irwin Harvey said all tee times had been booked from 8.30am to 4.30pm yesterday. Many older couples had lined up to play and all the restrictions had been adhered to by the golfers.

Fine weather and getting back to the game so many loved had made for plenty of smiles yesterday, Harvey said.

Otago Daily Times