Scholarship recipient reports on voyage of discovery

Amazing experience ... Tasman Charteris-Wright (18) leaves the Portobello Bowling Club after speaking at an Otago Peninsula Community Board meeting last week. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Earlier this year, the Otago Peninsula Community Board gave Bayfield High School pupil Tasman Charteris-Wright (18) a $300 scholarship to go on a Spirit of Adventure voyage.

At the board meeting last week she shared details of her 10-day experience on the three-masted ship in Auckland in May this year.

“Every morning, you get up at 6am and jump off the boat and go for a swim, which is a good way to wake up.”

Activities on the voyage included a day walk on Great Barrier Island.

She thanked the board for helping her go on the voyage.

The experience helped her learn leadership, teamwork and people skills.

“I have taken away some amazing memories.”