Octagon Experience assessed

 In the action .. A Lime scooter stands in the thick of the Octagon Experience on Monday. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Hundreds of responses to the survey about the Octagon Experience trial have been received by the Dunedin City Council so far.

The $150,000 trial to make the Octagon area more pedestrian-friendly includes parts of Princes, George and Stuart Sts and extends as far as Moray Pl. Almost all vehicles were prohibited between January 27 and tomorrow and there will be smaller partial closures until March 23.

Principal urban designer Kathryn Ward said both online and printed responses had been received to the survey.

It had been promoted through the website, social media and the distribution of flyers.

Asked about responsiveness to points raised, Ms Ward said from the beginning of the trial the council had been fielding feedback through a variety of channels, including the online survey.

When necessary the council had made changes such as the hours authorised vehicles like courier vans could drive through parts of the Octagon and surrounding streets.

Council staff had also visited businesses when concerns had been raised.

The majority of feedback would be reviewed at the end of the Octagon Experience to help inform any future council decisions.

In response to Star questions, DCC transport strategy manager Nick Sargent, clarified that during the Octagon Experience cyclists, scooters and skateboarders were allowed in the Octagon.

Cyclists were asked to either give way to pedestrians or dismount.

Spokes Dunedin chairman Jon Dean, who had been told earlier by traffic management staff, who were applying the law on notified road closures, that cyclists were banned, was pleased this had been cleared up.