Lego exhibition set to be ‘bigger and better’

Lego-ing for it . . . Lego Users Group Otago committee member Pieter Dennison installs a flag pole on a Lego replica of the Dunedin Railway Station. He is finishing the model to exhibit in the Dunedin Brick Show this weekend. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Brick by brick a Dunedin show is coming together and is set to be “bigger and better” than ever before.

Lego Users Group Otago committee member Pieter Dennison, of Ocean View, said he first exhibited his Lego replica of the Dunedin Railway Station at the inaugural Dunedin Brick Show in 2016.

Then the model was just of the front facade of the station but this weekend, all of the station – front and back – would be on display, he said.

The model would feature a platform and railway tracks and Anzac Square and its garden.

models such as tourists taking selfies and a busker performing.

He created the piece by working from photos he had taken of the station.

Aspects of the station, such as the clocktower, he had built taller so it was more to scale than when it featured in the show four years ago.

He estimated more than 100,000 pieces had gone into making the work, which was made exclusively of Lego.

When someone made an exhibit from just Lego, avoiding building aids such as Blu Tack, they were called a “purist”.

To use only Lego, forced a user to think creatively to find solutions.

He and his mother Hendrika would exhibit a range of their Lego creations together at the show.

The shared hobby strengthened their relationship, he said.

Lego Users Group Otago chairwoman Jacqui Hay, of Company Bay, said she and her son Aleksander (13) would both exhibit at the show.

Lego Users Group Otago chairwoman Jacqui Hay and her son and member Aleksander Hay (13) display a sign they built.

“A family that builds together, stays together,” she quipped.

More than 100 exhibitors, some from as far afield as Auckland, were travelling to Dunedin to display works in the the show. The special guest exhibitor was Cade Franklin – a member of the winning duo from the Lego Masters Australia reality television show.

The exhibition was set to be “bigger and better” than previous years, Mrs Hay said.

The event would raise funds for charity Koru Care Otago.

Dunedin Brick Show is on at the Edgar Centre between 10am and 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.