Development team providing push

Loving it . . . Dunedin kart racer Alex Patrick is set for the KartSport South Island Sprint Champs at Silverstream Raceway in North Taieri this weekend. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

KartSport Dunedin racer Alex Patrick (15).

When did you get into karting?

I started in 2011, at the age of 6.

Why did you get into?

My dad is into motorsport and I had a go and I loved it and he got me a kart.

When did you realise you were good at it?

When we started travelling and I started winning some regional meets.

Where have you been racing lately?

In the past three months, I’ve raced in Melbourne at the biggest meeting in Australia for the first time. I qualified 12th out of a field of 30 and ended up 21st – which wasn’t too bad for my first time over there. I did a national schools competition in Wellington – the second-biggest meeting in New Zealand – and I finished sixth out of a field of 21, which was a pretty decent result and a podium finish. I raced the Garden City Champs in Christchurch earlier this month and won the Rotax Max Junior class. I’m the first Dunedin junior driver to win in Christchurch for at least 22 years. I placed second in the class in the Mainland Series after accruing points from racing in Blenheim, Nelson, Dunedin, Invercargill and Christchurch.

Why is it all clicking this year?

I’m now part of an Australian team, Sera Driver Development – which is pushing me forward – and racing in the North Island and Australia you’re competing against bigger fields and it’s a higher level of racing, which has really improved me and pushed me harder.

What your aim for the KartSport South Island Sprint Championships at Silverstream Raceway in North Taieri this weekend?

A podium finish but I’ll try my best and where I get is where I get.

Will you have a home town advantage?

Definitely – it’s a tight track with so little passing opportunities, so it will be great close racing, which is great to watch.

What’s your long-term goal in motorsport?

The dream is Supercars – that’s what I’m aiming towards. I’ve had a good start and I’ll keep pushing hard and working towards my goal.