Clocked at an air force base going 300kmh

Red Corvette . . . Kevin Davis, of Evansdale, and his 1993 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Kevin Davis, of Evansdale, talks to reporter Shawn McAvinue about his Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

How rare are these Corvettes?
There were about 6000 made between 1990 and 1995 but there were only 448 of this model made and this is number 301.

Why did they make so few?
They were too expensive – they were three times the price of a C4 Corvette.

How long have you owned it?
About 12 years – I’m the fourth owner – it was shipped to New Zealand brand spanking new. I bought it from a guy in Invercargill.

It’s in good nick – is the colour original?
Yes – it’s called torch red.

Tell me a bit about your car?
It’s a six-speed manual. It has ABS braking and traction control. The all aluminium 405-horsepower factory motor is quad cam and was designed by Lotus and put together by Mercury Marine.

Why are there two keys inside the car?
It has a valet key – it’s a power key, which if removed limits the engine to 240 horse. If you lend the car to your kids you’d take the key out.

Do you let other people drive it?

What do you use it for?
I take it out once a month on a run with a group, Dunedin Corvettes. About 30 cars go on runs – we’ve been to Oamaru and up to Oturehua, The Catlins – places like that.

Is it thirsty?
It depends how you drive it but I can get it from Evansdale to Picton on a full tank.

How fast can it go?
A previous owner recorded 300kmh at Ohakea Air Force base.

Have you driven it on a race track?
Yes, I did the quarter-mile drag race in Oamaru in 13.1sec from a standing start. I’ve also driven it at Highlands Motorsport Park.

Any big trips scheduled?
I’m taking it to the Corvette Nationals in Taupo in March next year. We hope to hold the nationals in Dunedin in 2021.

What was the appeal of the ZR1?
It’s something different.

Was it love at first sight?
Yeah. It was.