Showcasing the joy of modelling

Tiny town . . . Spectators enjoy the scale railway layouts. PHOTOS: SUPPLIED

For a day of family fun head along to the Otago Model Engineering Society’s Exhibition Week, which runs from this Saturday to Sunday, February 23.

Held at the society’s clubrooms at 1 John Wilson Ocean Dr, the exhibition will showcase a variety of models, including railways inside and out, tethered cars and model boats on the pond.

Full steam ahead . . . Some of the steam engines which will be running or on display.

In the central hall will be a wide variety of model engines, boats, ships, trains along with the Otago Model Aero Club and the 1 Metre Yacht Club display.

For fans of model trains, the scale railway group will be showcasing its HO and N gauge layouts.

During the week trains will be running from various countries on different days.

British and American locomotives and rolling stock are the most common, but you will also see examples from New Zealand and other European countries.

On the N gauge layout you will see predominantly American rolling stock, but some British trains will be running on this very detailed layout, which includes a working merry-go-round, swings and other exhibits.

The engineering group will once again be running its steam and battery-powered locomotives, taking rides on the society’s extensive outdoor track.

This is very popular with the public, who can have rides behind different types of locomotives.

Some of the locomotives on display include 3 and a half inch Tich, 5-inch Sweet Pea and 7 and a quarter inch William.

Concentration . . . Izaak Kinney operates a U Drive Boat under the watchful eye of Otago Model Engineering Society exhibition organiser Ian Marsh.

Also, out-of-town visitors sometimes join in and run their locomotives on the day, which is great to see happen.

Tethered cars will be running at the weekends.

These are model race cars powered by miniature internal combustion engines. They are tethered to a central post, resulting in them running around a circular track at speeds of up to 160kmh, great to watch.

The society pond will be as busy as ever, with a variety of boats, from yachts to a wide variety of launches, jet boats, tugs, fishing boats, warships, a motorised duck, swan and maybe even a lady on a surfboard.

The jet boats are always popular and will demonstrate their speed and fast turns.

They are powered by gas engines and the smaller ones powered by electric motors.

Young and old can gain skippers’ experience by having a go with the four available U Drive radio controlled boats, joining in with our members boating on the pond.

Food will be available and OMES will be running raffles including hampers and other great prizes.

Hectic harbour . . . A busy day on the pond during the Otago Model Engineering Society’s exhibition.

The exhibition is a chance for the members to showcase the models they have spent many hours working on, giving them a great feeling of pride and achievement.

The exhibition gives an opportunity for people who are interested in modelling to talk to our members about what can be achieved and the club members love showing off their work.

The members of the society also love seeing people of all ages get enjoyment out of visiting the exhibition and enjoying the train rides, watching the scale railway layouts and the boating on the pond.

The society is always on the lookout for new members who share an interest in creating models or have brought a model train and wish to run it on the scale railways layouts or have a radio-controlled boat and want to run it round the pond.

If you are interested in joining the society, there will be membership application forms in the entry foyer, or just ask a member.

Like everything today, modelling is evolving.

There is a huge range of models available off the shelf now, particularly with scale railway and boating, from kits to fully assembled.

Fun times . . . Children enjoy a typical party at the Otago Model Engineering Society.

There is also a huge range of parts to assist modelers with their model-making.

A real benefit of being a member is being able to use the vast amount of knowledge the other members have.

The society also hires out its facilities for birthday parties and picnics.

This includes the main hall and kitchen, a barbecue is available along with the scale railway layout running, unlimited train rides on the outside railway and model boats on the pond.