Programmes teach life skills, mindfulness, and relaxation

Positive change . . . Awaken Life Coaching founder Vicky Murphy, of St Clair, is set to exhibit her business at the My World Expo at the Edgar Centre on Sunday. PHOTO: THE STAR

A Dunedin life coach is teaching a range of skills including how to “tame the negative head space”.

Awaken Life Coaching founder Vicky Murphy, of St Clair, said she launched her business four years ago to teach mindfulness, life skills, relaxation and meditation.

She leads a casual group mediation session in Saint Clair Surf Life Saving Club on Sundays.

At the session, she uses “sound healing bowls” to emit a range of frequencies “which vibrates with each emotion”, helping the body to function better, such as boosting energy levels and reducing stress.

About 20 people attend each “Awaken Sundays” session.

Mrs Murphy and holistic life coach Ana Dube provide “one-to-one” life coaching programmes for clients from Spa St Clair.

“We teach children, teenagers and adults.”

The programmes teach their clients practical skills for between seven and 10 weeks.

“We reconfigure their thinking, their energy, the way that they hold themselves and make sure they are staying on their focus goal.”

The goals ranging from “taming the negative head space” to increasing job satisfaction.

The programme helped people boost their self esteem and confidence.

As the needs of each client were different, the “real time” programme was different for everyone.

“We listen to them and get them to reconfigure their life in a positive way.”

Other skills taught in the programme include “how to let go, how to forgive and what that even means and looks like”.

Other services she offered were business wellbeing workshops, which helped people be more productive “without having to work so hard”.

The idea of multi-tasking should be “demolished”, as it made a person “scattered in their thinking”.

Focusing on one task at a time was better, Mrs Murphy said.

The programmes also got clients to “trust their intuition”.

“That’s a big thing that makes life a lot easier.”

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