Museum ‘zoo’ inspires exhibition

On display . . . Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery owner Bruce Mahalski holds artist Sarah Sharma's painting "Gorilla". The painting is one of 40 pieces of art in the museum's "Escape from the Animal Attic" exhibition. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

Artwork inspired by “Dunedin’s zoo” will be on display at the the Museum of Natural Mystery this month.

Forty pieces of work from 30 artists are part of the “Escape from the Animal Attic” exhibition in the Royal Tce museum.

Two of the artists are from Wellington, and the rest are from Dunedin.

Museum owner Bruce Mahalski said any artist who lived in Dunedin had been to the attic, and he liked to think of it as the city’s zoo.

Some artists chose to focus on one animal, whereas others “did a whole lot” or looked at the relationship between animals and humans.

Mr Mahalski put the call out for 30 artists who were interested in being part of the exhibition, which was officially opened on Friday night.

It featured artists with a variety of experience, including Nicola Jackson and Fifi Colston.

“A lot of these people are professionals .. some are complete amateurs.”

This is the first time the museum, which has been open for about 18 months, held an exhibition featuring other artists’ work.

There had been a “really amazing reaction”.

“I’d like to do it again.”

Mr Mahalski wanted to hold two exhibitions with other artists’ work twice a year.