Saddle Hill comings and goings


Thank you sincerely to all our residents who got out and voted assured your vote counted.

The new look Saddle Hill Community Board is ready to carry on from our last term, with John Moyle joining returning board members Keith McFadyen, Paul Weir, Christina McBratney, Leanne Stenhouse and myself.

A massive thanks publicly to Peter Gouverneur for his term on the Saddle Hill Community Board.

Pete is an incredibly astute chap, who offered a lot to our community board during his term the way he looked at things, questioned things and worked particularly on some projects in the Fairfield Community was just great and really appreciated.

We see the return of community leader John Moyle, who has come back to the board after a term off to focus his attention on the family business and family.

John offers a huge amount and will work incredibly well with the returning board members.

As I write this column I’m actually in Arthurs Pass with a good mate of mine and Fairfield identity Scotty Payne.

We were reminiscing just how wonderful and influential to our later life it was to grow up in small communities; the connections and friendships that you develop that hold you in great stead for the years to come.

Scotty was telling me with great enthusiasm that he remembers growing up in Fairfield as a young lad who loved to skate and had a paper run.

He delivered The Star to every home in Fairfield, getting around the community (much smaller then than it is now) on his roller blades and modified pram that held the weekly newspaper.

He still lives in Fairfield along with his wife Tash and their two little people, and is still enjoying all Fairfield has to offer.

Another addition to the Saddle Hill Community Board is Cr Jules Radich, who will be our standing councillor on the board.

This being Jules’ first term, we will certainly induct him into the positive and connected communities that we are privileged to represent.

We are currently preparing our annual plan submission, which we will submit to council, and speak about early in the New Year.

The topics we cover include continuing to have a decent level of service on the basics (fixing potholes, trimming vegetation, maintain our sports fields and local reserves); some conversation around the proposed landfill at Smooth Hill; reinstatement or at least a high level of service on our local and popular rural roads; freedom camping; coastal erosion management; and safe walking/riding options connecting Westwood and Ocean View.

As always, if you have a question, concern or positive suggestion please feel free to contact the Saddle Hill Community Board at any time.

Remember we have a Facebook page, which can be found by simply searching Saddle Hill Community Board.