Reach out for support

Saddle Hill Community Board chairman Scott Weatherall.


We hope that all are enjoying this simply incredible spell of amazing weather – it has been a challenging recent few weeks and our thoughts are with all Dunedin residents at this time.

We seem to have reopened our communities to visitors if last weekend was anything to go by.

There will be people in our communities who will have been significantly affected by Covid-19 and the restrictions that have been imposed along with its arrival.

Our thoughts are with those affected by the virus and illness directly and also those suffering from the financial impacts – we strongly urge you to reach out for the support that is available.

We know that, throughout New Zealand, it is an unprecedented time.

In terms of those requiring assistance, please do not be too proud to ask for help.

In saying that, if you are aware of a friend, neighbour or family member needing support, please talk with them about this and maybe walk alongside them in helping them get the support they may require.

The community board has been keeping in touch via email and we have also had a couple of Zoom meetings.

The board is excited to announce our new youth ambassador, Keira Wallace. This young lady has an exciting future.

During the lockdown, we had a call to assist with a couple of local residents with some sandbagging due to significantly high tides and storm surf coming at the same time.

We made a call for assistance and, over and above the Brighton-based team from Fire and Emergency New Zealand, the police and the Otago Regional Council, we had 12 members of the community come and assist.

We say “thank you” sincerely. You truly made a difference that evening.

One thing, if nothing else, is that this “lockdown” has endorsed just how amazing and connected our communities are.

To each and every community member we say “thank you” for doing your bit in so many ways to keep yourself, your family and your community safe.