It’s like stand-up paddleboarding – on land

Dabbling . . . Sport Otago marketing co-ordinator Amanda Dyer tries land paddling at Watercooled Sports. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Ever heard of land paddling?

Neither had I!

The best way to describe it that’s it’s like stand-up paddleboarding

Sounded like an adventure too good to miss so I made contact with Craig at Watercooled Sports to set up a session this week.

Thinking it was something the kids would enjoy too, I loaded up the car and we headed along.

Like so many of the awesome board sports, land paddling originated in Hawaii, providing a fun boarding option on land for all those ardent followers of the water version.

It’s still very new to NZ and Craig indicates that he certainly gets some interested looks from passers-by when he is out on his board!

Essentially, you use a long skateboard, then you are aided with a “land stick” fibre pole with a rubber foot that you plant on to the ground to keep your momentum going.

Like snowboarding, feet placement is “regular” (left foot forward) or “goofy” (right foot forward).

Craig offered some instructions to get us started (to be fair, my time on a skateboard has been somewhat limited!) and the reassurance of having a pole in my hand meant I felt there was some sort of safety net between board and the ground.

Like any board sports, balance and activating your core are a huge part of it so I tentatively wobbled off down the Portsmouth Dr pathway, getting to grips with the balance and momentum, and using the pole to help guide my way.

As is the way with kids, my two took to it like ducks to water and were soon sweeping up and down the path looking like seasoned pros.

As I gained more confidence, I too was able to go a bit faster with the kids running alongside, egging me on, Mum!

It’s the perfect activity for our many smooth cycle paths around town, with the harbourside Vauxhall to town track and the Ravensbourne track considered excellent surfaces.

A total body workout, I’m feeling it now everywhere legs, butt, core, and shoulders.

Combine that with that sense of freedom and being at one in the outdoors, it’s easy to see how like other board sports, it offers those amazing holistic benefits.

I am pleased to report that the accident form offered to me by my colleagues before my session was not needed so another excellent outcome!

If you’d like to try land paddling out for yourself, head along to Watercooled Sports this Sunday from 10am

A combined demo day is on offer in conjunction with My Ride Dunedin with e-bikes, kayaks, paddleboards and more available, so get among it.