Board welcomes community input

Strath Taieri Community Board member Robin Thomas


A set of giant schist archways planned for both entrances to Middlemarch along with cycle and pedestrian mall are but two of the future plans being considered by the new Strath Taieri Community Board.

Now that we have your attention – please read on.

With the dawning of a new decade the community board sees as one of its priorities the need to reconsider the district’s 10-year strategic plan. A little mundane perhaps but critically essential if we are get ourselves engaged in the wider Dunedin City Council’s financial planning processes. In essence if we don’t get our “wants and needs” identified in that plan then we will have no chance of hitting the council’s priority lists for project funding.

So what does this community need? What are your hopes and wishes for the next decade?

You can be assured that basic infrastructure requirements will be fought for, such as roading and bridging, but what about longer term aspirations?

Rub that crystal ball. Should we be starting to plan for a community hub or a visitor centre?

What of our main street? Should we be looking to enhance it appealing and inviting? If so, how?

What of our wider farming community priorities?

Sure our current facilities are serving us well but it is no good waiting until they start to fail before thinking about what we need into the future. We need to start that process now knowing that we face a likely 10 to 15-year lead-in.

So come on! The board is just starting its new term and we really want to encourage community debate on our future needs.

To help in the discussion, and as a further means of communicating what is happening here, we have launched a community-based Facebook page named “The Strath Taieri Community Board”.

We hope you visit and use that as a means of getting your thoughts and views out there for discussion. We undertake to put any of the ideas raised there before the board on a regular basis.

Before the next meeting on March 12 we will be holding an open public discussion on this subject. Come along and participate.

We are here to help promote our fantastic community, so please help us _ get involved and let us know your thoughts. You can use our Facebook page or contact anyone of our board directly. We would be delighted to hear from you.