Camping couple looking to buy land

Coasting with cat . . . Freedom campers Sophia Christine and Nicholas Heke-Worrall hug their cat Glenny at Ocean View Recreation Reserve on Tuesday.PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

A couple and their cat in a campervan visited Dunedin in a search for a place to call home.

Sophia Christine and Nicholas Heke-Worrall and their cat Glenny departed Hawke’s Bay indefinitely in their self-contained camper van about two months ago to search for a block of land in the South Island to buy.

The Star caught up with the couple during a stop at Ocean View Recreation Reserve on Tuesday.

Mr Heke-Worrall said they ran an online business selling crystals from the van, which “more than paid the bills”.

“It’s the perfect lifestyle.”

On the trip, they had freedom camped for four nights and stayed with friends and at campgrounds on the other nights.

Rather than staying at Ocean View Recreation Reserve, the couple had booked a spot at Taieri Mouth Beach Holiday Camp for the night.

“I’ve heard it’s really beautiful out there.”

Ms Christine said freedom camping spots they stayed at were busy and good ones were hard to find.

“I’d like to do more freedom camping and hopefully we will find some nice places.”

Their cat was enjoying the lifestyle and brought a rabbit back to the campervan on Monday night.

“He doesn’t go far, he just cruises around and comes back home.”

For now, the search for land continues.

“We’ll cruise around until we find it.”

When asked if it could be in Dunedin, she replied: “I’ve been positively surprised by Dunedin here”.