Whole-school display of artwork

For art's sake . . . East Taieri School pupils Lily Mason (9) and Ronan Mitchell (10) display the works they made for a school art exhibition last week. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

East Taieri School pupils put on an impressive exhibition of their own artwork last week.

Teacher Janine Clague said the three-day event, which ended on Thursday, required the school hall to be cleared out in order to display more than 800 pieces of art from the school’s 340 pupils.

Pupils in the school’s 13 classes were given a theme to base their artwork around.

Pupils and parents were given the opportunity to come in and see the exhibition through open mornings and evenings hosted at the school.

The exhibition was held every two years and always received “positive feedback from all the parents”.

“It showcases the kids’ visual art and is a great way of sharing art with parents.

“The exhibition makes the kids feel special, as it is set up like a real art exhibition.”

There were no winners or prizes handed out, as it was just a showcase for what the pupils had created.

Pupil Ronan Mitchell, of Mosgiel, said his work for the exhibition evolved as he was making it.

“At first it was going to be an animal but I kept adding more bottles and eyes,” he said.

Pupil Lily Mason, of Outram, said she created her work The Jeff Family for the exhibition.

The family featured three robots – “Mr and Mrs Jeff and their son Little Bob”.