Shop closure not due to virus

Career change . . . Rumah co-owner Lee Macaskill locks the door of his shop, ending nearly four years of retailing in Mosgiel. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Rumours a Mosgiel shop is closing due to Covid-19 are unfounded, the owner says.

Rumah co-owner Lee Macaskill, of Mosgiel, said he and his wife Tracey had been selling furniture, homewares and gifts from the shop in Gordon Rd since August, 2016.

The closure had been planned for a long time and was not in response to impact from Covid-19.

The shop had been “a labour of love” for the couple.

“It’s bittersweet but we are now able to give our time and energy to our family.”

The couple have two grandchildren and the number was set to double.

“There’s twins on the way – life’s about to get a lot busier.”

The “great times” in the business included trips to Bali to buy stock and talking to customers.

“We’ve made some really good friends and made contact with some really cool people.”

The lease of the shop ended on March 31, so the couple had to wait until Alert Level 3 to empty the premises.

Any remaining stock would be sold online, he said.

Mr Macaskill was planning to return to a career as an insurance adviser, possibly working from his home in Mosgiel.

Mr Macaskill, the Mosgiel Business Association acting chairman, said Mosgiel was a “positive place” to do business.

People in Mosgiel supported local businesses.

The support and sense of community had been “reinforced” during the Covid-19 response, he said.

“I think there is a sincere desire for people who live in Mosgiel to buy stuff from Mosgiel and that’s cool.”

Once the new Mosgiel pool was built it would attract people to the town and retailers would benefit, he said.

“There is a quiet optimism.”