Pupil’s favourite place pinboard

A special place . . . St Mary's School pupil Isaac McNoe shows a display about the current focus of the school's religious education class, which holds a special meaning for him after the death of his father a few years ago. PHOTO: MOLLY HOUSEMAN

In a series, The Star is asking Dunedin primary pupils about their favourite spot at school. This week, reporter Molly Houseman talks to St Mary’s School pupil Isaac McNoe (12) about his preferred patch.

There is one very special place at school which Isaac loves to visit each day.

A pinboard in the school’s office covered in images that represent the focus of the St Mary’s religious education class at any given time, also symbolised something close to his heart.

He pointed at a picture of Jesus on the board and said his name followed by “dad”.

It was a special place for him because Jesus was a representation of his father, who had passed away a few years ago. It was also a reminder of who he believed his father was now with.

The focus of the board would change every six to eight weeks and at the time of visiting it was dedicated to Pentecost, a Christian festival celebrating the Holy Spirit.

There was no confusing which pictures were Isaac’s favourites.

“Fire, fire,” Isaac said before making the sound of wind blowing.

His teacher Lisa Matheson said Isaac loved the pictures of fire and wind especially because they represented Jesus being with him wherever he went, which for him meant his father was with him as well.

For the past four years, Isaac has visited the board every day – often more than once.

His favourite time to visit was during the Christmas season, he said.