Mosgiel roundabout layout questioned

Creeping out . . . A motorist stops in the middle of a new roundabout to check for oncoming traffic at the intersection of Church and Wickliffe Sts in Mosgiel last week. PHOTO: SHAWN.MCAVINUE

The layout of a new roundabout in Mosgiel needs to be reviewed, a community board member says.

Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board member Martin Dillon, speaking at a board meeting last week, said he believed the Dunedin City Council contractors who painted a roundabout on the intersection of Church and Wickliffe Sts in Mosgiel had got its layout “wrong”.

Motorists in Church St had to travel on to the roundabout to see if any traffic in Wickliffe St was approaching.

“I think they should be resized.”

He requested the council do a safety review of the layout.

He also requested a faded broken white line in the middle of Church St, near Countdown supermarket, be repainted as motorists were travelling in the centre of the road.

A road marking in the centre of Church St is fading.

Board chairwoman Sarah Davie-Nitis put the issues on the board’s action list, which the board and the council use to report the status of ongoing projects.


A call for another mobility parking space in Mosgiel was made by board deputy chairwoman Joy Davis at the meeting.

Mosgiel had two mobility parking spaces – in Gordon Rd, between Cargill St and Lanark St, and in Lanark St, between Irvine St and Gordon Rd.

“They are both in the same end of town.”

The board asked the council to consider installing another mobility parking space in Glasgow St, near the BNZ.