‘Meeting killers’to be replaced

Seat supersede . . . Brighton and Ocean View Halls Committee secretary and treasurer Len Leith got funding from the Saddle Hill Community Board to buy new stackable chairs to replace uncomfortable seats used in the halls. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

The Saddle Hill Community Board has given money to replace “meeting killer” chairs in two halls in its area.

Brighton/Ocean View Halls Committee secretary and treasurer Len Leith, speaking at a board meeting, said the committee of nine volunteers was asking the board for $3600 to help buy 50 new stackable chairs to use in both halls.

The committee was a registered charity and had been given $1000 from the Bendigo Trust to pay for the rest of the chairs.

Mr Leith, of Ocean View, said the committee had spent $4600 of its accrued funds on 50 stackable chairs but it wanted 100 chairs.

The Dunedin City Council owned the halls and gave the committee an annual grant of about $9100 to operate them.

The committee decided it wanted to upgrade the chairs in the hall.

The chairs which needed to be upgraded had been nicknamed “the meeting killers”.

“If you sit on them, you don’t want to be there too long.”

The halls were used for a range of activities including Tai Chi classes, birthday parties, card groups and Anzac Day commemorations.

“We believe if the hall committee didn’t exist that we wouldn’t have these assets.”

Board chairman Scott Weatherall told Mr Leith the board appreciated the work of the committee.

“If people in the community don’t stand up and do stuff then it probably won’t happen and both halls are great facilities.”

Later in the meeting, board member Keith McFadyen moved the board give the committee $2000 to buy chairs.

Board deputy chairwoman Leanne Stenhouse seconded the motion and every member present voted in favour.