Cyclist uses noodle to gain wider berth

Keeping her distance . . . A Mosgiel cyclist rides with a pool noodle on the back of her bike to encourage motorists to give her more room when passing her on the road. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

A Mosgiel cyclist wants motorists to give her more room on the road.

The cyclist, who declined to be named, has attached a foam pool noodle horizontally on the back of her bike to encourage motorists to giver her a wider berth when passing.

The woman got the idea when she was in Hawaii last year and saw a photo of a group of cyclists with noodles on their bikes in The Maui News.

The cyclists were drawing attention to Hawaii’s Safe Passing 3 Foot law, which states that 3 feet (0.9m) is the minimum safe passing distance when a motorist overtakes or passes a cyclist.

When the Mosgiel woman returned home, she bought a noodle for her electric bike.

“I’m doing it for safety and for drivers some of them go past too close, too fast,” she said.

The noodle extended 2 feet (610mm) from the outside of the bike’s handlebars, she said.

She had already noticed a difference.

When riding to Outram recently, a friend who was riding behind her said cars moved further to the right when passing her.

She was pleased the noodle made drivers take more notice.

“If a lot of cyclists are having them, now the drivers will be more aware of cyclists.