Covid-19 has had a massive effect

Strath Taieri Community Board deputy chairman Mark O'Neill

What an interesting last couple of months the world has thrown at us all. I hope everyone stayed safe and saw some positives in the enforced time at home.

During lockdown our family carried on with a variation of “normal” life. We still had stock to be fed and shifted, so we carried on doing what needed to be done. Covid-19 has had a massive effect on all industries and people and while we still farmed, things were also different. A lot of farmers still had a lot of stock on farm and getting space to kill or sell to other farmers was very difficult heading into winter. This resulted in farming systems needing to be changed and allow for extra mouths. It certainly was a juggle but we are also aware that we were very lucky to still be able to carry on working and enjoy our country life as a family on the farm.

A sad outcome of the effects of Covid-19 is the Taieri Gorge Railway being sidelined. It certainly is sad for our community of Middlemarch and all the people who work within that organisation. Here is hoping that in time they will see the need for this wonderful attraction and get it up and running again soon, bringing people to our great town and seeing the beautiful scenery getting here. I hope that life is returning to somewhat of a new normal for you all and if there are any queries or to chat please get in touch.