Community pitches in with flooding defences

Brighton Rd resident Deborah Danielson, with the help of the Saddle Hill Community Board, had to put sandbags on her property after flooding on Tuesday night. PHOTO: PETER MCINTOSH

The Brighton community rallied after wave surges battered the coast and flooded buildings on Tuesday night.

The Saddle Hill Community Board put the call out for volunteers to help firefighters with sandbagging, after a high tide caused wave surges that flooded the Brighton Store.

Board member Leanne Stenhouse said members of the community heeded the call to help.

“It’s obviously a bit of a tricky situation with people being in their bubbles, so we tried to limit the number of people that we had.

“But people were really responsive and helpful.”

Brighton Rd resident Deborah Danielson’s property was protected by dozens of sandbags yesterday after her garden and garage were flooded the night before.

There was a creek alongside her property that ran out to the beach.

But when the waves were strong, they pushed the sand into the outlet and blocked it, causing it to build up.

“I just heard a really loud banging and crashing against the side of the house, which obviously was the waves coming in, and it just flooded the place really,” she said.

That was about 10pm.

There was not too much damage, although part of the garden was washed away, she said.

Otago Daily Times