Board and blokes build community

Playground rest . . . Mosgiel-Taieri deputy chairwoman Joy Davis and Taieri Blokes' Shed vice-president Eddie Christensen test a new picnic table in the Murray St Playground last week. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

The community have rallied to get a new picnic table installed in a Mosgiel playground.

Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board deputy chairwoman Joy Davis said a lack of seating and rubbish bins in the Murray St Playground was raised at a community group hui in Mosgiel late last year.

The board asked the Taieri Blokes’ Shed to build a picnic table and gave the group $300 from its discretionary fund.

A new bench seat in Hagart- Alexander Dr in Mosgiel.

Mrs Davis appreciated the way Taieri Blokes’ Shed accepted the board’s offer, made the table to specification, and contributed in-kind to the project with labour costs.

The table was installed in the playground about a fortnight ago.

Mrs Davis said she would continue to lobby the Dunedin City Council to install a rubbish bin in the playground.

Taieri Blokes’ Shed vice-president Eddie Christensen said the Taieri Blokes’ Shed was building another picnic table to install in a park in Caversham.

“It’s about two times as long as this one.”

A new bench seat overlooks a duck pond in Mosgiel.

Taieri Blokes’ Shed gave the community the seat to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The group asked the board to suggest possible locations to install the seat.

The board suggested an area overlooking a duck pond in Hagart Alexander Dr and the seat was recently installed there.