Ultra-marathon in ankle-deep mud just part of 162km run


A long run for some might be something around the 10km mark. However, not for a Dunedin ultra-marathon runner who recently finished on the podium in a 100 mile (162km) race.

Grant Guise (37) finished second in the Tarawera Ultramarathon endurance in Rotorua in early February.

Guise completed the race in 20hr 8min.

He said he was “quietly surprised with the place, as I hadn’t been training as hard as I should have”. However, he was also slightly disappointed, as he had led the race until about the 100km mark.

With just a few breaks here and there, Guise said he was mostly running the whole time.

“It was pretty hard going – it was really wet at the time, so I was running in ankle-deep mud for about 80km”.

Guise has been running competitively since he was 12, with a few breaks.

He said he usually spent about 20 hours a week training and ramped that effort up before races.

Guise said as far as ultra marathon running goes ‘you just have to keep running’.

“It gets really raw .. you just have to keep going left, right, left, right and keep moving.”

He said although runners had to be very physically fit, “you also have to be mentally fit”.

Although ultramarathon running is hard, Guise said it was not as hard as people thought.

“An ironman doesn’t do an ironman everyday.”

He said he would encourage anyone to get their running shoes on as it was a flexible sport that could be done anywhere at any time.

” It’s actually really easy. If you have a spare hour, go for a run. Don’t over-complicate it.”