Winner . . . Joe Nation, of Christchurch, won last year's Three Peaks Enduro, which has won Cycling New Zealand's Event of the Year. PHOTO: SUPPLIED, DEREK MORRISON

Three Peaks Enduro

wins Event of the Year

Winner . . . Joe Nation, of Christchurch, won last year’s Three Peaks Enduro, which has won Cycling New Zealand’s Event of the Year. PHOTO: SUPPLIED, DEREK MORRISON



A mountain biking enduro race showcasing Dunedin has been named Event of the Year by Cycling New Zealand.

The Three Peaks Enduro is a two-day, world series qualifying event which is held entirely on tracks around Dunedin.

It is run by Bike Otago and Mountain Biking Otago.

Race founder Kashi Leuchsa three-time Olympic mountain bike racer, said although winning awards was not the drive behind creating and running events, it was a bonus for the volunteers who spent hours ensuring they ran smoothly.

“[It is] one more acknowledgement that the hard work everyone has put into this event has been appreciated.”

Leuchs and several volunteers and members of the public had spent many hours organising the event.

“[We] do it because we love the sport and we know we’re doing something great because we see the people having a great time.”

While the Three Peaks Enduro was aimed at attracting high level riders, Leuchs hoped it inspired people to start riding.

“What we aim to do is inspire people to ride and get out there into nature and have fun on bikes.

“We do that through the media we create, photos and videos . . . and showcasing Dunedin and the amazing town that we have.”

Leuchs accepted the award at a ceremony in Auckland, which also doubled as Cycling New Zealand’s AGM.

Three Peaks Enduro volunteer co-ordinator and Mountain Biking Otago committee member Kane Fleuryrecognition for the club and its volunteers who had worked hard to create events and tracks for the city.

“It’s kind of cool that all the volunteer effort that goes into all the track-building and maintenance and running the club is appreciate by people and recognised at a [national level].”

Last year, the club opened The Big Easy biking and walking track on Signal Hill and restored the Pepper Tree Track, near the Pineapple Track.

Fleury said the award paid homage to the work that goes into running the event, which attracts riders from New Zealand and overseas.

“Anyone who wants to race in the world series has to attend and do well in it.

“There’s only a couple in New Zealand and not many in the southern hemisphere so it’s cool that we have got one here in Dunedin.”