The family that roller together . . .


Roller derby is a family affair for members of the Rogue Rollers.

About 20 adults and children are involved in the league and meet every Sunday to practise.

Rogue Rollers founder Nic Hedley was training for the New Zealand team in 2014.

She wanted to create a league that was supportive and welcomed children and people of all skating abilities.

“Our biggest thing is making sure we have our family there.

“It’s family-friendly.”

Hedley said it was important for children to learn the rules and skills involved in roller derby at a young age.

Her 5-year-old daughter started skating when she was two years old and “gives people a run for their money”, she said.

Roller derby was growing in New Zealand and was a great way to meet new people, she said.

“We can go anywhere in the world and find a derby skater to hang with.”

The club does a lot of activities outside of skating, so they can bond and get to know each other.

“If you’re going to play with people on a team especially, you need to know them inside out.”

Rogue Rollers media liaison officer Amber Bridgman said it was important the league welcomed families as many adult skaters “have an entourage of children”.

“Our kids are watching us skate and they want to skate, too.”

The club is made up of a diverse group of people, including accountants, teachers and artists who all play a different part in the team.

Bridgman said roller derby was open to people of all age and fitness level and there was a role for everyone.

“We have got real characters in our league.

“[We] fall together, laugh together.

“It’s just a real whanau environment,” Bridgman said.