That’s a whole lot of holes in one

One for all . . . Five of the eight Otago Golf Club members who have shot a hole in one at the Balmacewen course this year, (from left) Alistair Railton, Dan Gin, Lillian Bartlett, Peter Bacher and Trevor King. PHOTO: LINDA ROBERTSON

A hole in one might usually be uncommon, but for the Otago Golf Club it is becoming something of a trend.

The club had eight holes in one between February and May this year, half of which were on the same hole – No 7.

The club’s director of golf, Shelley Duncan, said the club usually only had two or three holes in one a year.

“We had three within about eight days. I couldn’t believe it by the third one.”

The New Zealand Whisky Company in Oamaru gives a special bottle of whisky to anyone in the club who hits a hole-in-one.

“I kept emailing the company saying we needed more whisky.”

Trevor King, who scored his hole in one back in February, said it was satisfying to watch the ball roll in.

“The guys down on the next tee were watching and shouting out as well, so yeah it was quite a bit of a commotion.”

Dan Gin, who hit his on hole 7, said it was his first hole-in-one in his 30 years of playing.

“I couldn’t actually see the hole – it was a bit of an anti-climax. I thought that looks all right, but you actually don’t know. There’s no real excitement until you get there.”

Mr Gin was modest about the achievement – “they’re a dime a dozen around here now.”