Slow version opens door for less fit and able


Metro Indoor Sports’ new sport is one for the whole family.

The facility recently introduced walking netball; a slower style of traditional netball.

The rules are similar to the regular six-a-side grade played at Metro, except for a few adjustments; no running or jumping, players can take an extra step before passing the ball and can hold it for up to four seconds, rather than three seconds.

Metro Indoor Sports owner Bryan McIntyre said it was a great sport for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

“It’s more about playing the game tactically rather than who is fitter, faster, more athletic.”

McIntyre saw it being played in Balclutha and wanted to bring it to Dunedin.

It allowed people who played netball in the past but had not done so in a while to get back into it in more of a fun, social way, he said.

“It focuses more on the fun side of sport.”

He has received “heaps of interest” from people since announcing Metro would host the sport, and many teams included children and grandparents.

“Kids can play with their parents,” he said.

“That’s a cool thing to be able to bring to families.”

As there was no running or jumping allowed, there was more of an even playing field and there would be less risk of injuries.

“Walking is a lot easier than running.

“For a lot of people, it’s all you need to keep healthy.”