Pavilion getting a face-lift

Project drive . . . Taieri Cricket Club president Andrew Sutton looks forward to the refurbishment of the pavilion at Brooklands Park in Mosgiel. PHOTO: NIC DUFF

A cricket pavilion in Mosgiel is getting a face-lift, including repairs to a “dangerous” net facility.

Taieri Cricket Club president Andrew Sutton said the upgrade of the club’s pavilion at Brooklands Park was divided in to three projects.

For the first project, the club’s life members were repainting the lower exterior of the pavilion. Equipment for the work was bought using funding from The Bendigo Valley Sports & Charity Foundation.

The second project – resurfacing of the artificial turf in the indoor net – was set to start in the second week of the upcoming school holidays.

The cost for the resurfacing would be about $17,000.

The expense would be shared between the senior and junior clubs, Mr Sutton said.

The work was necessary because the surface in the nets had split, resulting in a “dangerous” variance in bounce.

At the same time, volunteers would gut and reline the number one changing room, including the installation of new seating.

“We are trying to do that work on a minimal budget . . .”

The third stage of the upgrade would be rebuilding the viewing deck in the pavilion.

“The deck’s not in great shape . . . We are looking at getting quotes but one thing at a time.”

The top of the pavilion was relocated from Otago Boys’ High School in the early 1980s.

The renovation projects were an important part of being a successful club, Mr Sutton said.

“If you have top facilities and tidy changing rooms, good performances will hopefully follow.”